Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Getting settled in

Since Paxton was born at 10pm, we were kicked out of the hospital approximately 48 hours later (apparently insurance used to cover an extra night if a baby was born at 8pm or later but then changed the cut off to midnight--I'm guessing that the person who made that call has never given birth).  And so we quietly arrived home to start our adventures as a family of five...

Things are going pretty smoothly, all things considered.  It's still life with a newborn around here, but Paxton is a pretty laid back sort of newborn (we have a theory that since he was so late, he acts more like he's a few weeks older than he is) and we have our experiences with two other rounds of life with a newborn to make some different choices which has turned out extremely favorably for the whole family.

Kendra and Elliot are taking everything in stride and are both devoted siblings.  Elliot has a particular interest in his new baby brother.

And if you tell him to sit down so he can hold him, this is what happens:

I have very, very quickly grown fond of the phrase, "my boys" and use it as often as possible.  :)

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Amanda said...

I LOVE that Elliot lays down! Too funny!