Saturday, September 22, 2012

Paxton's Arrival

We have a new little boy in the family: Paxton Lee.  He arrived Thursday at 10:10 PM.  Ashley's still in the hospital and I'm taking care of the other two so neither of us have been able to write a respectable blog post on it, but here are some early pictures. 

Ashley allowed me to take some pictures of early contractions (not so much the later ones).  She has really good concentration skills when it comes to labor

I'll skip to the end in our birth narrative now.  Labor was ok, though.  It was about 5 hours with about 15 minutes of pushing at the end.  Pretty reasonable, we thought.

This was seconds after Paxton came out, before they took him to the table to clean up and check, I believe.  He wasn't really that happy at first.

And of course the obligatory naked table shot.  I can tell you he was not born eager to open his eyes.

Although he was a very large baby, larger than Elliot, our initial impression of him was that he looks pretty small.  His head and chest look significantly smaller than Elliot's did when he was born--Elliot's head was enormous and very round.  Paxton is noticeably longer overall, though. Hopefully that means he will buck the Farnsworth trend and achieve an average height as an adult.

He's got a good start in terms of weight.  As you can see, he topped 9 pounds 7 ounces from the start.

I was very happy and proud.  Labor is always a tough and stressful time (especially when you go really late and have to be induced) but on your third time around it's a lot easier to worry less about impending possible death and easier to focus on the beautiful little baby joining your family.  By the way, that hat was just real loose--he wasn't born with any cone-head issues.

Many of Paxton's early pictures have this sort of look

Like he's not really all that impressed with the outside world.  He was expecting much, much better, I guess.

He's much more cheerful while sleeping.

Actually he's been a champion sleeper so far.  Not too much into the crying either.  It's quite early to tell, of course, but we have all sorts of fingers and toes crossed that he will continue to be a laid back baby and a good sleeper.

We are super happy and excited to move to this next phase of our lives

Friday I was able to bring Kendra and Elliot to meet their new little brother.

They were both incredibly excited to see him. 

They both wanted to hold him and we had to use significant force to pull him out of Elliot's loving arms.

We didn't get as many pictures of Kendra holding him that afternoon, but we will later because she is very eager to do so.

We got a video of the introduction, in fact.

And we got Elliot's turn too

We're just really happy right now. :)


Amanda said...

Beautiful pictures! The videos are always my favorite and I can't wait to watch more of all three of them as they grow up. I'm still waiting for the day that we get you guys back in Lawrence. ;)

Danielle said...

Yay! He is so adorable! I didn't think (my) Grant was all that big either till we got him on the scale too. And my goodness, Elliot went from baby to big boy overnight it seems! He looks so grown up in the pictures and video. He's going to be an awesome big brother!

Kristina Farnsworth said...

Yay Baby! Love these great pics :D Seriously though, when did Elliot get all that hair!? I don't remember all that hair! It's so cute :D

Kendra and Nathan said...

okay your kids melt my heart. You look great and are getting around so well Ashley! Congrats on finally delivering!

Jenny said...

Awwwe, this post made my day! Such cute photos. I'm so glad that everything went well and he is just a darling darling little guy!

Laura said...

Oh!! I KNEW I should've jumped on your blog sooner. I should've known you'd already have something up. So amazing!

Paxton is SUCH a cutie!!!!! I love those videos! They're priceless! I especially love the hug from Elliot. :)

Can you believe you're the parents of three?!?! They ain't joking about being outnumbered! It's more than just 2-3 though. Sometimes it feels like 2-5!! Hehe. I hope you're able to enjoy this fleeting newborn stage. It's so exhausting, but beautiful and precious - and gone before ya know it (as you're well aware, I know). :). XOXOX