Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sibling Prep Class

It turns out the hospital in town not only offers childbirth education classes for expecting parents, but there's a whole slew of other stuff in the subject they offer, including a class for older siblings to participate in.

We utilized having family in town and invited Stephanie to come with us, it was really fun!

After a craft, the instructor showed the children how "tall" an average baby is when its born and then measured all the kids to compare.

Then they gave each child a baby doll and taught them that they could help their parents with bathing, dressing and diapering the baby.

Even though Elliot wasn't signed up for the class, he kept grabbing any doll that was left unattended so the sweet assistant gave him one of his own to play with.

Both of the girls were very into caring for the dolls, it was pretty sweet.  Stephanie is the youngest in her family and she was great in her role of being an older sibling for a morning!  It was so nice having her join us.

These girls are official pros and ready to be a Big Sister and Big Cousin, respectively.  We just need a baby to get here!

Today was my due date.  Not that I noticed or anything.


Jacqueline said...

Looks like big brother and sister are going to take their job seriously and a big cousin to boot. Sorry today is passing so quietly. They actually sleep quieter inside than outside. If that is any consolation.

Kristen and Andrew said...

What an awesome idea!! They are totally ready for baby's arrival!!

Jenny said...

Those pics are so cute! I love the one of Elliot hugging the doll.