Friday, September 14, 2012


When Kendra became a toddler, I became an exclusive user of family restrooms when they're available and handicapped stalls when they're not (I was at the store by myself a few days ago and was blown over to realize I could just walk right into a regular stall in the regular restroom without any need to stress at all).

The Wal-Mart we frequented when we lived in Chicago had a pretty awesome family restroom because there was even an itty bitty little toilet for kids in there.  Sometimes I sat Kendra down on it (fully clothed because she was less than 18 months old, but it kept her from playing in the toilet water).  I have to bring our cart in with us to the family restroom at the Wal-Mart here because if I don't set Elliot in it to keep him off the floor, I definitely need it to barricade the door so that Kendra doesn't pull on the handle, thus unlocking the door and allowing someone to barge in on us while I'm sitting helplessly on the toilet several meters out of arm's reach (which I learned from experience--luckily she's better about that now but Elliot is starting to reach for handles at home so I don't want to give him the chance in the store).

But in the handicapped stall in the regular restroom at the front of the store and in other places, there are these beautiful puppies:

That, my friends is a little fold-down seat screwed into the wall to literally strap a little tushie into while you use the toilet.

I think it's brilliant.

I think I want one in my own bathroom.

I wish there was a federal regulation requiring at least one of these in every single family restroom and handicapped stall in the country.

I hope the person who thought this up is currently a millionaire billionaire and should get a Nobel Prize because this is an amazing contribution to the betterment of humanity.

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Jacqueline said...

Great idea, and he looks so big sitting on it. They need more experienced mothers with good ideas at businesses.