Wednesday, October 3, 2012

More from the hospital

Grant got his turn to post about Paxton's birth, but I thought there were other things we were able to capture that were well worth sharing.  :)

First, a before picture.  This was taken on the night of my due date because I realized I'd never taken a belly picture this pregnancy and I was having what turned out to be false labor but operating under the assumption that I'd imminently be giving birth.  But I didn't.  For another 12 days.

We actually had a rather stressful start to that day, but this wonderful lady helped soooo much:

It's one of the most unflattering pictures of myself I've ever seen, but I don't even care because I want to remember her.  Caring nurses make such a huge difference.  I did not want to be induced, but she did so much to put me at ease and helped us to get as close as I could to the birth experience I wanted, despite the induction.

It was a very speedy labor.  Paxton was born pretty close to five hours after the pitocin drip was started.  I was so surprised when all of a sudden the doctor placed a white, wriggling baby on my belly--it was over already?  (I will say that although surprised, I was also incredibly relieved because birth does not hurt any less the third time around, from my experience.)

They left him with me for a lot longer than I remember getting to hold Kendra or Elliot, which was really nice.  Here is his very first video:

I love that we have footage like these for each of our kids.  That when they're our age and having children of their own, they can take a look at recordings from the first moments of their own lives.  One of the two pieces of unsolicited advice I give almost all expecting parents I run into is to get really great cameras because these are precious moments indeed.

One of the most tender parts of having each of my children has been the first "talk" I have and tell that baby everything that runs through my mind.  Something about talking to them like they're people who can absolutely understand me (even when I know they don't) makes me feel like a mother.

It is always so nice to not be pregnant (and especially in labor) any more and have time to cuddle the product of all that hard work.

We are so very pleased to welcome Paxton Lee into our family!

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Kristen and Andrew said...

so sweet! Priceless photos.