Thursday, October 4, 2012

The First First Day of School

I never went to Preschool, and I never really thought I'd send my kids to one.  And then I got pregnant two years in a row and didn't want Kendra to have another time in her life like when Elliot was born, which I now refer to as "The Summer of Dora the Explorer."

So I started asking around about where the kids at church went to preschool.  Apparently, the high school offers Early Childhood Education classes and the practical application of them is that they teach a preschool class for children in the community.  We had friends who went last year so we applied and so Kendra "goes to school" for a couple of hours three days a week, which sounded about perfect for us (including the fact that it's also free).

When we first told her she would start going to school, she wasn't so sure about it but after we took her to the Open House and bought her a new backpack, she was pretty into the whole idea.

So the week before Paxton was due, she had her first first day of school:

She's having a pretty good time as far as we can tell, and we're all glad that she's got something that's just for her.

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