Tuesday, April 1, 2014

We are a Happy Family...

We all sure do have a lot of fun together...

I am a heavy user of Amazon's Subscrib and Save program--which they've tweaked to put all of your subscriptions into one monthly order and shipment.  That means that a very large box comes to our house every month and these kids sure do get a kick out of empty boxes, especially ones they can fit inside.

And what kind of parents would we be if we didn't expose our children to all of the great classics?

This is another shot from when we released the butterflies, but it didn't make it onto that post.  It was a really fun day.

One thing about having children close in age--make sure there are options out there for EVERYONE.  So we keep similar toys together in groups so EVERYONE has something.  Actually, these toys are pretty great--our first two children picked up the alphabet ridiculously quickly using this little My First LeapTop (an earlier version of this, which you can totally program to use your child's name--it's almost time to reprogram it again so Paxton can get more out of it).  And then the one Kendra has is the Scribble and Write and she totally writes all of the letters now.

And then there's getting out and about.  There is a little park not far from our house that's always empty when we go, which means that I LOVE it there.  I also love how much they play together.  This day, Kendra just went back and forth between the boys pushing her brothers on these swings.

Paxton was very appreciative.

I still love my step aerobics--I try to do it once a week when I'm not too hugely pregnant for it.  The older kids are really great about giving me a chance to do it while Paxton naps, but eventually they get impatient and want a turn themselves.

This next series of pictures is something that happens pretty often around our house.  First, we spot Paxton doing something cute.  Like playing dinosaurs with Elliot.

Then, after a couple of shots, he hears the click of the camera and flash and looks up.

Which makes him stop what he was doing that we wanted to catch on camera to come do this:

It's pretty cute.

And Paxton's not the only one who likes to play games for and with the camera.  Kendra always has ideas of what we should be shooting around here.  Take this example--it looks like it's just Elliot, right?  Chillin like a villain while enjoying a show.

But wrong!  There's totally another child in that bed!

The setup was her idea and she was very pleased with the results.

As we are pretty pleased with the family life.  It sure is a lot of fun.

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Danielle said...

I just love your kids. I may have only met one in person, but I think they are all pretty darn awesome!