Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I have been french braiding my own hair for well over half my life.  It took a lot of practice to get it right--at first they almost always came out sort of inverted and it took me years to figure out the pattern that made it happen.

But, I worked it out and have been doing it pretty well for quite some time now.

Recently, I was braiding my own hair one day and it just so happened to be the first time I did it in front of Kendra.  She watched fascinated and when it was done, she asked me to do it to her, too.

And when she asked me, I realized that whole reason I spent years learning how to braid hair and do it correctly wasn't for me so that I could style my hair that way.

It was really so that I would be able to do it for her.

So I did.

And she just loved it.

And so did I.

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