Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bath time with Paxton

Paxton is by far the most-oft bathed of our children so's a natural byproduct of being the 3rd child and having 2 older siblings who need to be bathed far more often than infants do, but as long as the others are in there, heck, might as well toss in the baby.

Once he learned to crawl, he began making a beeline for the tub as soon as he heard the water running (I start with the others and then bring him in to quickly bathe him while they play).  That was a surprise!  One day I looked down and saw this:

Just chillin'.  Waiting patiently for his turn to get in with his big sister and brother.  Y'know, whenever I get around to it.

And such it was every bath night.  But all too soon after he started crawling, he started pulling himself up as well (seriously, like within 10 days at the most) and then this was the scene I beheld.

Kendra and Elliot are both pretty good with him...most of the time.  Sometimes excessive splashing occurs, but Paxton bears it, like everything else, pretty well.

Fun in the tub!

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