Friday, July 26, 2013

Life with a collector

A year and a half ago, I told this story about Kendra and her collections.

She is still very much into collecting things and amassing her collections around the house.  And every day I still find them all over the place.  She's pretty good about going through the house with me and picking up at the end of the day, but sometimes we rush to bed or sometimes I don't see them all before she gets tucked in so I pick some up myself.  Though often enough I find them in a very unexpected place and at a very unexpected time.

I can't tell you how many times I've pulled back my covers on my bed and found something similar to this:

My theory is that she likes to play on my bed because Elliot doesn't particularly like to play there and Paxton is still too short to clamber up there.

I further theorize that things end up under the blankets covered when Elliot does join her and she doesn't want him to take her toys away.

I am especially inclined to apply that latter theory to this specific photographed example.

That particular collection of dinosaurs belongs to Elliot, but Kendra was the one playing with them.

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