Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Adventures in Fine Art

Kendra loves stickers.  Her first experience with them were stickers that came in junk mail--DVD club offers and ugly return address labels soliciting for financial contributions to charities and the like.  But when I saw how into them she was, I started stocking up.  I got a big bucket of foam stickers from someone on FreeCycle and she had so much fun with them that when I needed some supplies from Oriental Trading Company for my church calling, I added some packages of other foam stickers for her.

One of the biggest surprises of parenting is what a kick it is for me to spoil my children.

And she does enjoy them quite a bit.  But I get a kick out of how she chooses to use them.  We actually are presented with a number of creations that look a lot like this:

Once she feels like she runs out of space on a piece of paper, she just goes vertical on those bad boys.  I love the way she used all the same kind of dinosaurs for each stack on the bottom.  Our little organizer!  We actually have a special drawer full of paper for her exclusive use to color, sticker or paint on as she pleases, I'm not sure why she does this.

But, it's pretty funny, regardless.  Our little budding artist.  :)


Jacqueline said...

Glad you are discovering how fun it is to spoil your children. Remember you are grandparents in training. We love it. My mother who never gave us candy carried some in her purse for her grandchildren.

Laura said...

What a great idea to find stickers on Freecycle! Super cute sticker collages. :)