Monday, April 30, 2012

Getting outnumbered

I had to wake up a little bit earlier than normal this morning, but it was for a very, very worthy cause.

Cus I got to go spend over an hour chatting with a really nice ultrasound tech and gaze at this awesome person coming into our lives:

This one didn't automatically offer as much information as the one we had with Elliot, but she was super willing to answer my questions, and after I started asking so many she started telling me things without my asking.  Since we have two kids now, and while Kendra is rocking her potty training, it's still not even been a whole week and it seemed pretty soon to ask someone else to watch her, I went by myself and Grant stayed home with Big Brother and Big Sister.

The technician was really nice and just asked me straight up as soon as she put the device on my belly if we wanted to know the gender, which was awesome to not have to wait for, and I eagerly replied that we did.  "Are you sure?"  I guess sometimes people change their minds...?  Weird.  But yes, I was sure.

Aaaaand, the answer to the $64,000 question...

So Kendra and I find ourselves in the minority, but we all think that's just fine.  We don't have a single boy name in mind (there were a few leftovers from our list when we decided on Kendra's name, but Elliot's was one I had my heart set on, so I kinda think Daddy gets the major vote in this one.

Now that we know, things are a little more real--it's not just a baby, it's another sweet little boy for our family.

We can NOT wait!


Jacqueline said...

How wonderful! So nice to be able to see the baby. Big day!

D said...

Congratulations! Boys are so fun. You are going in the same order that our kids are (Rachel, Jonathan, Conover, then Sadie evened it out :). Good luck with names!

Danielle said...

Yay!! So exciting. And I agree-- knowing the gender makes it all seem so much more real!

Laura said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! So fun!!! I'm glad things are going so well. I'm getting VERY excited to meet our newest nephew! :)

Kristen and Andrew said...

What a perfect little profile! YAY!!