Sunday, May 13, 2012

Kendra's Latest Friends

We transitioned Kendra into a toddler bed a couple of months before Elliot was born, and that worked great.  Though her desire for a menagerie in the bed with her hasn't changed.

One day at the library, she found a stuffed Blue's Clues toy that she became quite enamored with and tenderly carried with her until we left (I was shocked that she put the dog back on the shelf where we found it of her own free will when all I said was, "We can't take her home, she lives here, but we can come back to visit.").

But as it turns out, one of my favorite things to do as a parent is spoil my children.  Kendra is old enough to make the experience particularly gratifying.

So I went online and looked around and found an even bigger, sturdier version of the toy at the library available brand new on Amazon and I gladly cashed in a few of my Amazon gift certificates I got through Swagbucks and got her one.  It's been part of her menagerie since.

But when I had the camera out to capture her loving on her "Big Blue", she wanted to take some pictures with other beloved friends.

Stitch has actually been with us since before she turned a year old when I found him at a neighborhood thrift store in Chicago, but she's only recently discovered his movie, and he's much more appreciated now.

And she's just as attached to her lambie as she ever has been...

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