Monday, May 14, 2012

Children of the 21st Century

My blogging tends to go in a very non-linear fashion and as such I still haven't mentioned anything from the trip a few of Grant's family members made over our way at the beginning of April.

I'm pregnant like that.

But, we did get some very welcome and very company for a few days--Grant's youngest brother and their family was the first to arrive into town, and it was great because Kendra is only 8 months older than their Alivia.  However, Kendra bonded plenty with Alivia's older brother, Simeon, over common interests.

Because, you see, it turns out that while Kendra inherited many of her physical attributes from me, she has already very well-established that mentally, she is very much her father's daughter.  So much that we shopped around and waited for a reasonable price on something we knew she'd get a kick out of:

Yep.  That is a picture of two preschoolers playing with tablets.  And they're having a ball.


Danielle said...

Awesome! Kids these days some pre-wired for technology!

Kristina Farnsworth said...

My favorite part was when they traded tablets with each other :D Even when it comes to technology they always got to have what the other kids has :D

Jacqueline said...

How cute! Now wonder they are so much better than we are.

Laura said...

Super cute! I'm surprised to already see Brianna swiping the screen on my iPad to see the next picture. Haha! Kids are crazy