Saturday, April 16, 2011

Our little stepper

Kendra is no stranger to step aerobics--I've been doing it several times a week most weeks of her life.  At our last apartment in Chicago, we had the step set up all the time unless we needed the floor space to do something else.  This lead to a pretty natural curiosity about it which I documented here and here.


Last week, she decided to give it a try for herself.

She actually did this for a good 15 minutes and even ran to go grab her tennis shoes when she noticed that I and the girls in the video were all wearing them.

Besides being cute, I was also happy because hopefully from watching stuff like me doing step all the time, she'll develop her own appreciation and maybe even passion for some form of physical activity.

As long as she has fun doing it, that is.

But right now, she seems to have that covered.  :)


Laura said...

Too adorable!! Work it till it burns, Kendra!! Go, girl, go!! ;o)

Belkycita said...


Kristina said...

So cute! Way to work it Kendra!