Monday, April 18, 2011

Daddy's Girl

Kendra went down about half an hour ago and we could hear her making quite a ruccus over our movie, so I went back to check on her after it kept getting more and more persistent.

However, when I got to her door, I could hear her better and she wasn't just calling out randomly like she normally does, oh no.


And then again a second later, "DA-DDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!"

Turns out, silly old Mommy had forgotten to hand her the special Mermaid book she likes to look at when she goes to bed but before she goes to sleep, so she called out for Daddy to get the job done right.



Danielle said...

I love it when the kids call out in the middle of the night for their daddy. I love it even more when Grant insists that daddy change his diaper. :)

Lybi said...

I teach my kdis early to say "Daddy" hehehe. This is sweet.