Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Artist in the family

Kendra draws on her chalkboard every single day.

And she turns to us and asks us to draw something for her...

Every.  Single.  Day.

I often draw letters or objects when I get handed the chalk, but Grant often does family portraits.

And she totally caught on...(I recommend clicking to enlarge these pictures as you scroll down)

Do you see it?  It's like those 3D pictures that were so popular a while back--gotta try to see the hidden image...

Here, I'll help.


(I drew the heart, and she took it from there.  But we know it's me because she said so.)

Not bad for a barely 2-year-old, eh?

While this was something we noticed after she went to bed, she's done it many times since and she's turned to us and pointed out "eye", "nose" and "mouth", so we're pretty sure she's doing this on purpose.

Our own little Rembrandt!


Jacqueline said...

Wow, that is really amazing. She may be an artist.

Kristina said...

cute! Simeon has had a loooong obsession with making us draw random objects for us. And anytime he makes up draw a dragon, for example, we also have to draw a mommy dragon, a baby dragon, and a daddy dragon. Then we erase it and do it again and again and again.

But he's starting to draw his own pictures that resemble things. And that is really cute.