Sunday, April 3, 2011

Starting them young

Recently I set a goal to read the Book of Mormon through by Easter--and it's certainly a manageable goal, but it does mean I need to stay on top of it every day to get it done.

So if Kendra gets up before I've had a chance to read, I have to get that time in while she's up and eager to play...which I do for a while and then try to explain that Mommy needs some time for something important.  She's surprisingly accommodating, as long as she can do it too, of course.

Some time last year, she was curious about what I was doing one day when I pulled out my scriptures so we dug out my pocket-sized copy of the Book of Mormon and gave it to her.

Now she has her own scriptures and I have mine...she knows they're about "Jee-jee" (Jesus) and she points out lots of letters on the cover and on the pages that she's learned over the past couple of months (we're *this close* to her actually recognizing that the letters b-o-o-k put together is the word "book", it's pretty cool).

It'll still be a while before she can take a turn by herself when we read together as a family, but she still looks darn cute pretending to on her own.


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Getting a good start. Like we always say, example is the best teacher and children are the best at imitating us (witness the way they play with their dolls).