Sunday, July 18, 2010

Morning person and more makin' friends...

First, here is a completely unrelated picture, but she's so dang cute.

I  workout in the morning first thing after Grant leaves for work (we even have Facebook blocked from 8am to 5pm ensure I don't waste too much time on the site).  Kendra usually sleeps through the whole thing (because she's awesome) and sometimes she wakes up but is content to play in her crib (who is she talking to in there?) but sometimes she does start crying so I break down and go get her even though I'm not finished.

And boy, is she ready to party when she hits the floor and sees that step in the middle of dining room.

She's literally waiting for me to press play so that she can watch, too.

But it turns out, my step aerobics videos are challenging enough without doing them around a very active 17-month-old, so I try to distract her (before I break down again and bust out the Baby Einstein).  I make up her morning milk and set it at her favorite spot in the whole world:

The window sill.

We have already report a time or two that she does love looking out the window and at the wide world below.  So we got her a little step of her own and she spends literally a couple of hours a day total just standing there, looking out the window.

Ahhh, the simple life of a one-year-old.

In other news, recently we did a little babysitting swap-a-roo with another family in our ward to have go to the movies.  When we took our turn and had little Leena over, Kendra had SO.  Much.  Fun.

At one point they actually held out their arms to each other and hugged.  I am surprised I sit here today because that particular cuteness overload just made me melt.  Eeek!

Leena is such a cutie pie!  And check out this:

Look at that tongue!!  She is so sweet!  It was so fun having a baby around again, even if only for a couple of hours.  We better look into getting another one of them to keep...  :)


Belkycita said...

Oh my dear goodness!! are you in a mission to get me super duper baby hungry?!!!

Kristina said...

CUTE! Have you ever wondered why kids have to be so dang happy in the morning? It just isn't right!

Peterson Family said...

I LOVE being able to swap babysitting and save some dough! And at the same time your kids get to learn to play with others! Kendra is so cute, I mean really what fun would it be to just let you do your workout uninterrupted. She has the CUTEST smile in the picture of her by the window sill, what a keeper!!!!!!!