Sunday, November 22, 2009

Walk in the Park

We enjoyed some nice and uncharacteristically warm weather a couple of weeks ago and decided to take advantage of it.

It was our first trip out in our new, big-girl umbrella stroller. Kendra loves looking around at the world, so she really enjoyed the view from this seat.

We took a walk in the park and circled the duck pond there. A bunch of people were feeding them, so Kendra got an up-close look at them.

She thought they were pretty cool, indeed.

And she was a great sport with all the picture-taking even when the sun was in her face.

As we got back to the building we ran into one of our neighbors, Amanda and her dog, Goose. Kendra's met him a couple of times and she really loves him. It's pretty cute.

Such a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon! So relaxing...and so FREE! You just can't beat it. Times like this Grant and I have to admit, we're totally living the dream.


Belkycita said...

How nice! it looks just like a perfect day!

**sorry, I'm a shoe girl**

Caleb said...

Oh, I love duck ponds! And yeah for nice days during the winter. (we get lots!) So fun. And Kendra does look absolutely adorable.

Caleb said...

Oops, that was Danielle posting. Caleb must not have signed out of his gmail. But he thinks Kendra looks adorable too. :)

Archie said...

Looks like everyone is having a great time! Kendra is getting cuter by the day.

Peterson Family said...

Awhhh, I know what you mean. That is what life is all about, taking time out to relax and spend time as a family - heaven on Earth. I need to get me one of those types of strollers, saves so much space.
Wow, love the messy face! Kendra doesn't mess around when it comes to dinner time, she gets down and dirty! Sooo cute! I laughed out loud with the Star Wars post and the title, so great!!!

Kristina said...

What an awesome park! We are super jealous :)