Friday, November 13, 2009


Well, I'm up into the wee hours of the night...Kendra's actually been down for a while, and Grant passed out long before her (he didn't get the couple of scant catnaps I did today)...but I'm somewhat paranoid that she's just going to wake up crying at any moment (last night was worse than ANY night when she was a newborn, she literally only slept in 45 minute stretches and cried for hours inbetween...Grant almost didn't make it to work). So I decided to multitask while watching a movie on YouTube from my childhood and upload some things myself.

This first one is a real crack-up. We just pulled out the camera at the end of the weekend a while back.

I love the way she pushes our fingers away when we poke her. As if to prove she's not as drowsy as she seems...

In my last barrage of videos, I introduced you to the Grunting Face. We mentioned that nowadays, she's dropped the grunt and just makes the Face while she breathes really hard. We also had given up hope that we'd ever catch it on camera because she hasn't done it in quite a while. But, we got a lucky break.

A very lucky break, actually. That this was the best cut, that is. There was another with the Beastmaster playing in the background.

This one doesn't do the situation justice because she got distracted by the camera and stopped being quite so hilarious. But here's Kendra playing with her very best friend...

Yeah, she totally licked the mirror. I just add Windexing it down to my list of cleaning chores I do every Monday.

This last one actually demonstrates several things, here goes it.

She's totally starting to let go of things and stand on her own!! She is not our tiny baby anymore!

Also, she's starting to communicate. Here, she states, "I didn't want THAT!" when she starts crying when I put her back to attempt it again. She also reached up for me. At first, she only did it when we held our arms out to her, but not she crawls up to us and holds up her arms to let us know she wants "up". We're still working on saying "milk" in sign language, though. Baby steps.

Yup. We totally have fun raising this baby girl. Even after impossibly long nights up all night long...


Belkycita said...

Oh dear!!!!
She is cries so hard!!! SO cute!!!
Do you think she might have growing pain? thus the crying?
My girls both had a hard time when they started pulling up and standing on their own. They were using their muscles more, you know, like after a work out, if you haven't exercise in a year!
I really hope she comes back to sleepy land soon.

Jacqueline said...

You are so lucky that she gets so mellow when she is sleepy. Most children get hyperactive or very cranky when they are sleepy. And she is being so patient while you tease and prod her. A marvel of self restraint and good temperment. And yes, she can stand and balance herself without touching anything. She is doing so well.

Archie said...

The "mellow" baby was saying: I'll have none of that now! as clearly as she could.

She is really cute!

Love you all.

Scott and Kel said...

First of all, the whole Daddy poking and trying to irritate her thing will NEVER end. In fact, it just gets worse as they get older and can fight back. :) Too bad we can't find a way to keep each other company as we're both up all night huh? he,he