Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another red letter day!

We've been hitting it pretty hard with the catch-up blogging lately, but we have a recent development that needs to be reported!

We are no longer the parents of the Great Toothless Wonder! As I was feeding Kendra a few minutes ago, I noticed some white on her gums (we'd felt tooth buds starting to come up but had no idea how long it was going to take) and I stuck my finger in there and she totally cut a tooth!

We have a hard time seeing it, much less getting a picture of it, but it's totally there! Grant's pretty sure it's gained a measurable growth in the half hour since we first touched it.

And I'm totally relieved! I was feeling like such a bad mother for getting frustrated with my baby's unusual crankiness the past few days...


Jacqueline said...

Nice to know there was a good reason for the crankiness in an otherwise pleasant and happy child. Congratulations, Kendra.

Lybi said...

First tooth! Congratulations, Kendra. Now you see how precious teeth are...for every tooth in your child's mouth is at least one night of very little sleep! (Or several days of crankiness, I guess.)