Sunday, November 1, 2009

Makin' friends

Someone in our new ward asked us if we wanted to set up some babysitting exchanging (taking turns babysitting for each other instead of having to find someone to pay to do it). Our answer was a very enthusiastic "YES!!" So we took our turn sitting for them earlier this week, and their two boys Matheu (2) and Darien (1) are two of the sweetest children I've ever met!

We don't have many pictures of Matheu, because as fate would have it, he likes taking pictures more than posing for are a couple of examples of his work.

And our time with them totally confirmed that Kendra is totally ready for siblings. She had an absolute ball with these guys!

And they thought she was pretty cool, too.

I started the afternoon with them by myself, but Grant came over when he got off work and kept the entertainment going for these guys.

So much fun!

They have a lovesac (which is totally dressed up for Halloween! CUTE!) and we all had fun taking turns chillaxin to the max in it.

And Kendra got so cozy she was finally able to settle down enough to catch a few Zzz's... This picture makes it look like she's about to fall out, but I promise, she was not budging!

We all had so much fun doing this, it was hard to believe that it was "work"! And it's a big relief for all the parents to have a little system set up. Naaaice.


Jacqueline said...

Babysitting exchanges (or play dates as they are called) are the best. Children are so entertained by other children, and they learn so much. Looks like Grant was having as much fun as the kids. He is such a great Daddy.

Lybi said...

Kids are easier to watch in small groups! Then they are not constantly demanding you to get on the floor and entertain them.

What a cute video of my brother, by the way. You guys are such good parents.

Danielle said...

I agree-- sometimes adding more kids to the mix makes things easier! Play dates ROCK!

Laura said...

Wow, she looks like she was having a great time! She'll be a fun big sister. Playdates and babysitting swaps are awesome!!! Saves money and is fun for the kids.