Saturday, May 11, 2013

Christmas and May

I try to keep the "highlight" posts very evenly distributed--if one post focuses on one child, I try to make sure that I get another one up ASAP featuring the other two.  Call it a quirk that formed from childhood experiences.

But Kendra's going to have to share her thunder today.  Yesterday, I posted pictures of each of the boys while I let a video upload of Kendra...but then I forgot to post the video.  And when I went back to fetch it today, I found another video that I uploaded the day before yesterday and never got around to posting.

So.  About Kendra.

Grant's Sympathy Voice burst into existence during my first pregnancy, but over these years it has evolved and developed into new and equally delightful little "isms" between us.  However, now that Kendra has not been a resident in my womb for over four years (?!), she picks up on it and participates as well.

The words, "Musha, musha, musha," get used quite often around this place.

Monday was a particularly beautiful day, so when the boys and I picked Kendra up from preschool, I called Grant and we did something we've been talking about since we moved here.  We went to the Arboretum across the street from the business school.

And the tulips were especially beautiful--it's been raining every day since so I doubt they're in good as shape now, but all of us enjoyed them.  Especially Elliot.

Gah.  These guys are so much fun, words don't even do it justice!

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