Monday, May 27, 2013

Capturing Paxton

We've been trying really hard to make sure that we're photographing Paxton at least somewhat comparably to as much as we did our oldest child when she was a baby.  It's hard though, because we have two other subjects hanging around.

I think we do alright for our cause, though.  He's got dozens of shots of the first months of his life.

Sometimes we get the camera out after the others are in bed and he's hanging out with us late-night style...

Other times, I get down on the floor and try to capture life on his level.  This involves lots of barrel distortion, but I think the shots are still pretty cute.

And of course, sometimes there are just super memorable moments happening right in front of you that you want to make sure get recorded.

Like these demonstrating the adorable way he tended to suck on his bottom lip for extended periods of time.  SO.  CUTE!

Then there's these from one of the many times babywearing came to the rescue in our house.  He is pretty much out of it now (though it is almost five months after these pictures were taken...), but after the very beginning stage was over, Paxton could get REALLY fussy in the evenings.  But if we put him down, he'd just scream on end...wouldn't eat, wouldn't take a pacifier, was was nerve wracking because he'd start doing this when I needed to be cooking dinner and otherwise filling that homemaking role I love so much of helping the rest of the family with the evening routine.

Finally, I'd strap him in the Moby Wrap.  Immediate silence.  And, as I'd go about my business, he would never last long before he'd just suddenly set his head against my chest, fast asleep.  Poor thing!

And lest he look through our archives and start to think that Daddy never played with him, we have evidence of that, too...Daddy is quite fond of each of his babies.

I remember telling Elliot the day he was born (I'm pretty sure that I've already explained that I talk to my infants as if they can understand me perfectly--especially on the their first day out here with me), "It feels like you're going to be this small forever, but I know you're not..."  And it's so true.  They grow SO fast!  Most of the time, I'm relieved of that and think it's a great thing.  But there is a sweetness to having a child in your care who's so small you can wrap him up in a blanket and hold him in your arms...

It feels like these nights last forever when you're in the middle of them...but it's so crazy how one day you wake up, and they're over.  These pictures are only five months old and he's already a very different baby now...

Someday...they're going to grow up and get married and start blogs of their own, aren't they?  Eek!

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Danielle said...

What sweet pictures! He is such a doll. And I love the moby pictures. Babies sure love being snuggled into their mamas!