Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Now that there are three children, there are three main subjects of our pictures.  Rarely all of them at once, sometimes a pair of them but most often just one.

But good luck explaining that to the remaining ones.

The result is we have lots of pictures in our many series of pictures that are a little out of sequence.

For example, here's one of Kendra from when I was documenting Elliot's obsession with the swing.

Or in one of the many series I featured when I photo dumped Paxton's first month, both of the other two wanted in on that action:

Actually, Kendra mainly wanted a picture of the thing in her hand, which is why we also have this one:

Then there was the Sunday morning that I haven't blogged yet, but Kendra just looked so cute all dressed up, I got out the camera.  Perhaps you've noticed in our videos of him, Elliot often starts saying,"EEEEEE!" when he sees a camera.  That's how he says, "CHEEEEESE!" because clearly, you're supposed to take his picture, too.  Duhsville.

And I ask you, can we really have too many pictures of this face (this one from when I snapped a few shots of Paxton on Halloween)?

I submit that we can not.  And more importantly, so does Elliot.

It's pretty fun to be clicking through our pictures and have random ones like these pop out pretty regularly.  These little people we've made have their own personalities and while all the moments that make picturesque blog posts are pretty great, I think these are essential ones to have in the collection, too.  I like to picture the fondness with which we'll look back on these and when we see them years from now, we'll almost be able to hear Kendra say, "Take a picture of ME!" or Elliot say, "EEEEEE!"

This parenting gig is pretty great.

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Danielle said...

I need to take more pictures. ;) If it's not on our blog, it probably doesn't exist. Sad.