Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Gussied up and beautiful

Kendra has lots of adorable dresses for church but Sundays are just so nuts trying to get everyone ready and out the door, I never take a picture before we go.  Then we get back and things are pretty hectic trying to get people fed and in bed as needed that I forget to do it then, too.

But the few weeks before Paxton was born and the first couple of months after, I stayed behind with the boys, and I finally remembered to do just that.

Such a pretty little girl...

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Danielle said...

She is dang cute! It's no longer fun on Sundays with regard to Charlotte. Everything feels funny so she refuses to wear most of her clothes. She hates dresses with things that tie in the back. She'll only wear certain shoes. If I'm lucky she'll let me put something to keep her hair out of her face. *sigh* Someday she's going to care what she looks like. But not right now!