Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Video portrait

Pictures only do so much...luckily, we have lots and lots of videos to share, too.  :)

I am pretty open about something when it comes to parenting (I'm pretty open about lots of things, actually...).  I don't like babies.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my children and I would do anything for them...but babies are just...SO.  FRIGGIN.  HARD.

As if birth isn't hard enough--for both baby and mother (and father, for that matter), at the end of it, all you want to do is sleep for like...days on end, but no.  You get handed the most dependent creature in existence--a baby.  It blows the mind how such a little person can be so much work!  And it's exacerbated by the fact that you don't get to sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time at first (if you're lucky).  And don't even get me started on lactation.  Don't even get me started.


A little more than a month in, something absolutely amazing happens and you can dig in and handle it a little longer.  Because that's about the point that baby starts smiling at you and it all comes into focus and is worth it.

Paxton was actually the easiest newborn we've had, but it was still pretty awesome when this started happening:

I love this little snapshot out of our lives.  He makes me so happy.  And the baby is super cute, too.

Then, at the other end of our spectrum is Kendra.  She growing up into a pretty amazing little girl.  I can't believe how much she knows and does and thinks and says and does.  Out of the blue one day, she started doing this.  I'm not sure if she learned it at school or from the little toy we gave her when she turned two, but I was pretty impressed.

How smart is she?!  We are so proud of her!

And I always save my favorite for last and this time, my favorite thing is of Elliot.  When I take care of Paxton, it's hard to believe that it's a totally new baby because it feels like it's only been a few weeks since Elliot was that age, but it's been over a year.  A year!  Elliot is such a sweet little boy, and is still my snuggle bug.  He's learning all kinds of great things, too.

I really am the luckiest Mommy in the whole wide world.

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Danielle said...

Oh my, those baby smiles just made my day! Your kids are all so adorable!