Monday, December 17, 2012

Paxton's First Month

I have been a little slow with the blogging and quite a bit behind when I do get around to it.  So here is a little photo dump of Paxton's first month (or so) on Earth, in chronological order...

Grant noted a while back that we have far more pictures of Kendra's first month than that of either of her brothers' and that's true, but I think we're doing pretty well--I only took one or two from each series we had and I actually have blogged plenty of them, especially ones with siblings.

Paxton is a pretty laid-back baby, who often has a rather concerned look on his face.  But he is an adorable and wonderful addition to our little family!

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Belkycita said...

he looks so adorable, really! so cute!
I love the tiny smile in the last photo. Don't you wish you knew what they were thinking? or seeing?
You look great too! I love hearing how much you love motherhood.

I had more to say but I forgot :-(
No, memory loss does not improve after each child!