Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More history repeating

The day after Valentine's Day, I bought a box of chocolates that Grant and I enjoyed cracking open and picking out treats.  But we weren't very careful with the box when we set aside after we'd gotten our fill.  Someone else might have found it.

There were little piles of chocolate drool all over our living room floor...have I mentioned that I don't really see carpet as an upgrade when it comes to raising babies?

He seemed to enjoy his treats as much as Kendra enjoyed hers when she was a little older than he is now at Christmas time of her first year...

An update
In other news that's completely unrelated, I'm going to take a moment to flat-out brag about our son because he's just a total stud.  He has adjusted to life with glasses astonishingly well.  He does take them off occasionally, but I really imagined that I'd have to give up several days of my life sitting right beside him, constantly putting them back on.  The very first day, he did mess with them every 10-15 minutes so I had a keep an eye on him.  The next day it was more like once or twice an hour.'s really only a handful of times a day.  If he's tired, he slips his hands under the lenses to rub his eyes and that knocks them off his face and if he happens to brush his hand against the side of his face, he grabs at the earpiece, but he has been awesome.  In fact, when we've gone out, everyone who makes a comment about how cute his glasses are (which makes me feel SO much better that he's seen as cute and not a mutant) also immediately comments about how well he wears them because he doesn't take them off.  It surprises me as much as it does anyone else--he cried every time we put a different pair on him when we took him in to order them.

And we've gotten used to them really quickly, too.  Grant and I have an established spot where the glasses go when Elliot goes to sleep and we agree that now his face looks strange without them now.  Kendra has even picked them up and handed them to me when he's taken them off without my notice.

I know that it has absolutely nothing to do with my abilities as a parent, but he's made me really, really proud of him this week.  I know he's noticed a big difference in the world around him because of the glasses, but I don't think he associates that improvement with his glasses, and that's what impresses me the most.  He just takes it in stride that we keep sticking this thing on his face--at this age Kendra wouldn't wear a headband anymore (which is why I thought getting him to keep glasses on would be so difficult)!

He's just as happy and delightful as ever, our sweet little boy.  He's such a stud!

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