Tuesday, March 27, 2012

For Posterity

We're pretty good about capturing the lives of these wonderful little creatures we get to raise in photo and video, but there's so much that happens that misses those means of recording.

About a month ago, I took the kids out with me to run errands, one of which was to drop by Grant's building and let him grab a large item from the car that was too big and heavy for him to practically bring to school himself, especially since he started riding a bike.

Kendra recognizes this place because before he got the bike, we regularly picked him up from school.  She knew where we were and to expect to see him as we pulled up.  When he came into view, she gleefully shouted, "DADDY!" like she normally does, and he grinned and waved as he opened his usual front passenger door to retrieve our delivery.

However, then he shut the door, which confused and quite frankly upset her quite a bit that he wasn't coming home with us.  "Sit down, Daddy!  Sit down!"

I frantically started shushing her because Elliot had finally fallen asleep and the deeper he was sleeping when we got back to the apartment, the greater the chances we could get him inside to finish his nap properly.  "Kendra, Elliot's sleeping!  Please be quiet so he can sleep!"

The poor thing was so crest-fallen.  She quietly obeyed for a moment.  But all of the commotion had already roused Elliot and he began to stir within a moment or two of me saying this.  When she saw this, she very cheerfully shouted at Grant, "He's waking up!  Elliot's waking up!  Sit down, Daddy!  Sit down!"  Because she understood that Daddy couldn't come home with us because Elliot was sleeping.

We sadly tried to explain that Daddy had to stay at school a while longer and work, but she was crushed.  He set down his item on the sidewalk and walked around to her and opened the door to hug her and assure her that he'd come home later, just not right now.

We drove away with her in tears because Daddy didn't come home with us, and I tried to explain that he was in school but nothing really consoled her.

As I drove, I was having very mixed emotions for her.  On the one hand, it broke my heart that she just wanted her Daddy and was so upset that we'd left him behind.  I have a hard time when she's sad.  On the other, I chuckled at her association of Elliot's nap to the situation.  I very much get a kick out of those funny moments.

But the main feeling I walked (or rather, drove) away with was a tenderness I feel often at seeing the immensely loving relationship between my husband and one of our children.  These people all really, really love each other and I am so blessed to be a part of it.

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