Wednesday, January 11, 2012


We had a pretty fun Thanksgiving here in the Happy Valley.  It's so nice to have family right in town!

The festivities actually began with something a little less traditional...


Can't say it was break-through cinema but it was a fun night out with some really great girls.

Another family joined us (and then kindly supplied their copies of the pictures they snapped of our group).

And the feast...oh, the feast....

My mouth is watering looking at the pictures and remembering...

Have I ever mentioned that this family is seriously into pie?

And, of course, it ain't a party until Ashley falls asleep.

At least this time I wasn't on my own.

But I guess Brittany had, like, better things to do than keep the rest of us propped up all cozy.

And this is what happened when she left.


Pretty fun times.  :)

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