Sunday, January 8, 2012

More catching up

Buckle your seatbelts, there's totally more.

A couple of months ago Elliot made a discovery.

His feet!

It's adorable and it's easier to change diapers.  WIN.

We also got Elliot a good warm hat, and we put it on him even inside when he first started sitting up because he'd fall backward from time to time.

I would say that is another WIN.

And!  He can even sit on  his own in the cart when we shop!

It's just WIN all around!

And there's also his big sister.

This summer while Elliot was a newborn, we thrived on short little outings.  We lucked out that the town's lunch truck literally set up shop less than 100 meters from our door (it provided a free lunch to all kids under 18  One we often repeated was to simply walk across the street to one of the grocery stores where there is a small carousel.  That doesn't work.  But it makes no difference to Kendra, she loves going to see the horses.

And speaking of shopping, Kendra has been broadening her horizons also.

It's cute...if a liiiiiiittle troublesome when Mommy just wants to shop and get back home.

 And speaking of cute...

Our own little Cindy Loo Who.

Also, our awesome nieces were in their high school's production of A Room with a View this fall.

And they were great!

We've had a pretty great fall around here.

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