Sunday, January 8, 2012


We had a couple of visitors this fall, which was very nice for us.  The first was my dear friend Amanda from college.  It was such a fun weekend showing her around our humble town!  Unfortunately, I was terrible at recording it and this was the only picture we took all.  Weekend.  Long.

No, Amanda isn't invisible.  I just completely spaced out on having her actually join the picture.  I seriously felt like a complete idiot after she left when I realized that we didn't take a single stinkin picture.  Ugh!  You know I love you, right, Amanda?  And if it's any consolation, the event totally snapped my rear into picture-taking gear!

Just after Grant's family reunion in New York, my Dad also came to visit.  For some reason, Kendra was rather uncooperative shy, but Elliot wasn't any kind of mobile yet, so we got him to sit still for the camera!

So much fun!
I thought this was kinda funny.

It was soooo great to have Dad here and introduce him to our little man.  We had a really great time together, just hangin' out all weekend.  We even got the most snow we've had this season while he was in town.  In October.

While we didn't get any pictures of Kendra and Dad, she really had fun with him.  They played lots of little games together, it was pretty fun to watch.  At a slow point in their play, Dad excused himself to go to the restroom and after a few moments, Kendra suddenly noticed he'd gone missing.  She left to investigate and started pacing the hallways (even a 2-year-old only needs a few seconds to traverse our entire apartment) searching for him.  When she realized he hadn't left but was in the bathroom, as she paced she started shouting, "Hurry!  Hurry, Pa-Pa, Hurry!" over and over again.

She totally has him wrapped around her little finger.

And he seems pretty comfortable with that residence.

So.  We've been having some really great fun here in Happy Valley!  We hope we get to see lots more of our friends and family in 2012!

Seriously.  Our tiny little airport is like 15 minutes from our door.  Please come visit!

Yes, you.


Scott and Kel said...

FINALLY checked your blog--great job blogging!! Hope your holidays were good. Did you end up seeing Joni? Cute kids-and you look great!!!

Meg said...

I can totally relate to this! The baby isn't even here yet, and Reese is already getting more TV time. Sometimes it's just one of those days. Brady and I have been surprised how much she has learned from the 'Letter Factory' show she loves to watch!