Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mixing the past and present

A while back, Kendra started really getting into The Land Before Time (but just the original because we're LBT purists, we've never messed around with any of those musical sequels).  I get a real kick out of showing her things from my own childhood and LBT certainly was a favorite (but that was back before Amazon when you couldn't just think of something and have it at your door a few days later and we never saw it for sale anywhere).

As I saw Kendra  become more and more enthralled with the tale of the dinosaurs, I remembered that Pizza Hut did a promotion when it originally ran in theaters and offered character puppets from the movie with their kids' meal (which you could totally double with the Book-It program and get it for free).  My sister and I had a couple of them--I remember being jealous of her that she got her favorite character (Cera) and I never got mine (Littlefoot).

Well, you can't get them on Amazon.

But you can totally find them on eBay.

These things come with Kendra a lot of places she goes...

And we have lots of lively dinosaur games in our home these days.


Jacqueline said...

Oh yeah! Apparently ebay and Craig's list are the place to get every thing that is no longer sold. Laura got a replacement for the threadbare bunny that Hayley can't sleep without this year. I am going to start looking for a lighting fixture to match the bathroom there.

Danielle said...

Best mom ever!

Kristina said...

Oh I love them! Toys were so much better when we were kids right? I'm pretty sure I had some of those Land Before Time Dinosaurs.

I've been buying my little ponies on ebay because the new ones are just scary. Somehow my own vast collection of them went missing and that makes me really really sad.