Friday, December 24, 2010

Remember when I said I was caught up on blogging?

I totally LIED.  But on accident, promise.

So waa-aaaaaaaaaaay back in September the playgroups in both wards here headed out to a fruit farm not far outside town.  It was pretty fun times.  Especially since my awesome sister-in-law and her youngest came, too!

Though Stephie might not have been so "into" having a Kodak moment.

Why didn't I take off my sunglasses for his picture?
I look like a giant bug.

There were all kinds of fun things to see and do at the little farm, but Kendra's favorite thing about the whole place?  Gravel.  I'm not kidding, she had a ball just sitting down and tossing rocks in her lap while all the other children were playing on all the fun equipment and stuff.  But I don't really blame her.  I'd rather sit and look at rocks than try to fight my way through a pulsing throng of people significantly larger than me, too (there were a lot of kids there, and she was the youngest, smallest one walking).

 The look of satisfaction.

Unfortunately when a bigger kid saw her doing it, he started chucking them as hard and far as he could, thus sending his mother into a mild, eye-twitching panic.  Oops.  But by then most of the families had scattered and wandered home, leaving the play stuff almost barren so that littler ones could enjoy it.

Stephie totally had Kendra's back.
And my personal favorite shot from the trip:
"Hey, Mom.  'Sup."

And eventually all the other kids either went home or lost interest in the tractor.

"Don't bug me, I'm driving here."


Debbie and I decided to go back inside to browse at the store and there was a little play area there, too.  It had a sandbox filled with corn instead of sand so we took turns watching the kids so that we could look around a little easier.  The kids had some fun with it.

And unfortunately, Kendra was having so much fun I couldn't convince her to take a break and smile for the camera--never underestimate the power of corn.  :)

We had ourselves some Big Fun, made all the more awesome by getting to share it with our family!  Have we mentioned how much we loooooove living in the same town as these guys?  Seriously.  In fact, we highly recommend that everyone move here, too!

Just kidding.

Except not really.


Jacqueline said...

I'm up for moving there. That is the most beautiful town I have ever seen. And nice people there.

Laura said...

How fun!! I looove the " 'sup, Mom" shot! Hehe. We wish we could live in the same city too!!!!!