Sunday, December 19, 2010

O, Christmas tree

We decided to get our first full-sized tree this year.

It's only the very cheapest and thinnest $20 model, but it's still fun.

And as this is only our 3rd Christmas as a family, we've only got a few ornaments, anyway.

(And these days, we have at least one "Whacha doin, Mom?" shot in every set of pictures we take...)

But the few we do have are all on the top half of the tree.

Y'know, out of the reach of little hands.

We also are only using shatter-proof ornaments next year.

Merry Christmas!


Kristina said...

lol LOVE shatterproof. We are waiting til after Christmas to upgrade to a full size tree (sales!). But I'm looking forward to it for next year. Somehow big trees withstand little hands better. Stuff is all the more tempting when it is just your size :D And Being knocked over doesn't help the ornaments stay on very well :D

Belkycita said...

Such a HAM!
that is the same tree we have :-)
David's grandparents used to give each kid an ornament for Christmas and his mom saved them all, so we have those and the cool thing about them is that most of them are soft, so no breaking.
Merry Christmas!!!
Love you guys

Lily said...

so, so cute! also, i didn't know shatterproof ornaments existed--what a great development!