Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Little Helper

Kendra takes after her daddy in lots of ways.  She's still got those awfully sweaty feet (seriously, it's the weirdest thing).  She's got an insatiable thirst for attention and affection (I know that most children her age do, but it's also something she gets from him).  And she's totally into the DIY projects.  She pretty much can't be convinced that she is anything but a huge help around this place.  It might just fall apart without her, really.

So when it was time to weather-proof her bedroom window, she just hopped right in.

"Here, Daddy.  I'll help."

I don't know how we would manage without her...  :)

Our pretty, happy Little Helper!


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Laura said...

What a great little helper? Is she old enough yet were she causes less havoc than help? ;)