Sunday, September 20, 2009

Picturesque Moments

We have so many picture-worthy moments around this house. Sometimes it's "classic" picture material, and sometimes it's "unique" material.

Ashley is such a cute little girl. She sometimes puts a mud mask on to make her perfect skin...well...more perfect. The great part is that she won't move her face or make any expression at all while it's on. I have a lot of fun teasing her and trying to get her to move. I just love the mud look, though.

In her turn, she notices that whenever I feed Kendra, I get a little empathetic. I never understand what's so complicated about opening her mouth wide for the choo choo train of food.

So I open my mouth on her behalf...generally really wide. I can't seem to keep myself from doing so even though it clearly has no effect whatsoever on Kendra.

Kendra has been getting used to incarceration in the superyard we got for her. Often she acts like one of those prisoners in jail clinking their mugs on the bars.

Kendra provides most of the funny moments. She has the most expressive face. When she eats sour things we almost fall over laughing. We've never been able to adequately capture that look on film, but here was a cute look she gave us tonight as she was eating some peaches.

Peaches don't sound sour to you and me, but they seem very much so to her. Actually this look is probably more from camera flashes than anything else. She's learned that when someone pulls out the camera she's going to get a retina-full. Even so she's photogenic to us.


Danielle said...

And have you ever noticed that it's physically impossible to not open your own mouth all wide as you coax them into eating? Try it. Next thing you know you're making goofy faces again. (not that your face is goofy, Grant.)

Seth said...

lol, I love that incarcerated picture.

Belkycita said...

You guys are AWESOME!!!
I love the mud face the best!

Kristina said...

Very cute pictures. Someday when you have another baby Kendra can say "Dad, your making weird faces again." I love the camera/peaches face. My sister's oldest used to make the krustiest faces any time she would even see a camera. So all of her pictures during a certain age are pictures of her with a really krusty face :)

Scott and Kel said...

That is hilarious! I didn't know that you were like Princess Fionna and turned into an ogre at night Ash! :) That is so funny with the opening mouth thing cause Scott did the same thing, no matter how hard he tried not to! Funny boys!

Laura said...

Hahahahaha. Those are hysterical! At first I thought Grant had a wicked yawn and then I saw that he was feeding Kendra. hehe