Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How to fold a fitted sheet



Grant said...

Cuuuuuute. I love that little girl.

Danielle said...

Wow. I am so impressed. Have you ever worked for sheet makers? Because I've always wondered how they get sheets to fit in those tiny packages. And now I know.

What I'd like to see now is you fold that fitted sheet up in 10 seconds or less. Don't think less of me-- but unless it takes less than 10 seconds to do, I'd rather wad it up in a ball and throw in the closet. :-D

Jacqueline said...

Where have you been all my life? Conceptually I think I understand it but my sheet never has cooperated quite like yours and I end up folding/rolling it up at the end and stuffing it in the closet. Next time you come over please help me organize my linen closet. Okay?

Archie said...

Wow! I am impressed! I usually just fold and fold until it gets small, but it is never good looking, and doesn't match anything, let alone the non-fitted sheet!


Kristina said...

Like Danielle I'm impressed by your sheer motivation to have such nicely folded sheets :) Seriously, my flat sheets aren't even folded that nice :) You are awesomeness :)

Belkycita said...

I gotta give them a try, although we don't have fitted sheets here, just two flat ones :-(
I used to iron out sheets, way back when I was young and foolish!... now? well, we shouldn't talk about it in public.