Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ego boost

Heber said something that made me laugh. "It must be great to be an infant, y'know because everywhere you go everybody thinks you are AWESOME." So true!

It's also an ego boost to be the mother of an infant. No matter what I do, she thinks I am AWESOME. But there's also an ego boost that comes when other people think she's awesome, too.

Take a trip to Sam's. Now add this:

She's been sitting up pretty well on her own lately, so this week I've started letting her sit in the front of the shopping carts (after wiping them down with a Germ-X wipe). It's a whole new world out there for her, now! She loves looking around at everything. And everybody loves looking at her. Seriously, she elicited a reaction from every single person who laid eyes on her. She does a lot better with strangers these days (though we're not completely out of the water yet--I'm sorry, Dad) and she doesn't scream every time someone looks at her. She even smiles back often enough. It's pretty cute.

I love being a mommy! I love watching her explore the world around her...even when she turns around and starts grabbing at things to either pull into or out of our cart (I know, I know, the fun has just begun in that department). Sitting up so well already, she really will be off to college before we know it.

And did you notice? Her hair is totally thick and long enough to do a clip without a headband!


Kristina said...

So cute! Simeon was pretty excited the first few times that I put him in the cart but he would get tired pretty fast. But it looks like you still have the car seat with you. That's good. There's nothing awful like having a tired baby with you in the store and trying to hurry as fast as you can :) Still. So Cute! She has some great little expressions.

Peterson Family said...

I loved when Kaydence got to the stage where I didn't have to haul that whole carseat everywhere, little did I know she just got harder once she learned how to walk (grocery day is the day I dread). Kendra is so cute, she looks like such a big girl sitting up in the cart! I bet EVERYONE in the grocery store tells you how adorable she is, how can you keep from kissing those cheeks all the time, so cute!

Heather said...

It took me a while to realize how much I come to expect comments from everyone we pass. I never thought about it until we went to Utah and no one said a thing!

The hair is extra cute. I'm glad she likes grocery shopping - hopefully that lasts.

Jacqueline said...

What a darling girl. No wonder she elicits ooohs and aaaahs. There is no keeping her down now that she knows how fun it is to sit up and see everything. Good luck mom.

Belkycita said...

Eat her I must!!!