Saturday, September 12, 2009

Love and Hate

Kendra loves her Daddy. Of course, she loves Mommy too--but there is totally a special little twinkle in her eye every time Grant comes in the door from work. It's pretty sweet.

Just behind her playmat is one of our bookcases with a shelf of picture albums on the bottom and I noticed one day last week that Kendra was spending a lot of time pawing at those albums.

When I looked at her, she had the biggest grin on her face. I see her play a lot but she doesn't generally smile while she's playing, just when she interacts with people. I couldn't figure out why she was smiling until I realized which photo album she was batting at over and over and over again...

I almost teared up, it was so sweet to realize that she was pawing and grinning at the picture of Grant. She really does know her Daddy!

But there are some things that Kendra hates...

I was also noticing that her cradle cap was building up again. Her hair is actually getting long and thick enough that it covers it up for the most part--but I still know it's there! And it is super-duper mild, I mean the only reason I know it's not dandruff is that I've researched it. But finally, I couldn't handle looking at that yellow gunk, so I coated the problem area in vaseline and let it sit there for an hour or so.

Turns out, Kendra does not like having her head combed for long periods of time (to gently loosen up the gunk), nor does she like having her head rubbed down and washed repeatedly to remove vaseline. She was getting pretty angry with me, so I gave up with her hair still pretty sticky. But I couldn't resist the Kodak moment. I made sure to tell the story first so that you wouldn't think I've been letting her play with electrical sockets (as addressed in the post below).

She's totally still mad at me here. No lie, she willfully refused to smile.

But after some milk and a nap, she was right as rain. And as per usual, at the end of the day, she's still our darling little girl.


Jacqueline said...

How sweet that picture is of her looking at the picture of her daddy. For cradle cap I used baby oil instead of vaseline. It works just as well (maybe faster) and washes out easier. She sure looks cute when she is pouty.

Beckie said...

so sweet that she loves her daddy - guess girls are just made to be daddy's girls.

that picture of her with her crazy hair cracks me up. You can tell she is NOT amused at all!

Peterson Family said...

LOL, I love that expression! What did you do to her mommy!!! Such a sweet face!
That is so sweet she is so crazy about her daddy.

Laura said...

Awwwwww!! I LOVE that!!! So did you call Grant at work right away and make him tear up too??? I love how little girls love their daddys. :)

Scott and Kel said...

I love the look on her face with her hair looking positively beautiful and "full" :) She is NOT happy with you and she is not trying to hide that fact at all. Haddyn adds a little vocal side to her faces like that now--bet you can't wait for that :)