Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kimbery's Visit and Some More Pics

We had some fun today. Our niece Kimberly came to Chicago to do an orchestra concert and we were able to attend the performance. This was the first chance Kimberly has had to meet Kendra. It was short but sweet (and the concert was good too).

Kendra continues to grow and develop. Each day we notice that she has so much more mental and physical capacity. She has become more snuggly lately. She doesn't just lay there powerless, she actively snuggles up with Mommy. It's so sweet.

And she's just as cute as can be

The following picture was taken while she was sound asleep. It's much more unremarkable than what she was doing a few seconds before I got the shot. She was actively waving her arms and legs around. Having some kind of intense dream, one in which she can actually crawl around, apparently. It was so cute.

But we think it's cute when she just lays there sleeping, even if the headband starts slipping down and makes her do a little frowny face. That's our little girl!


Seth said...

holy moly those are some cute pictures. You guys seem to be really good at catching "moments". You could probably make a good living as baby photographers.

...or maybe Kendra is just extra cute

Jacqueline said...

OH, how adorable. So precious.

Kristina said...

Oh that smiley picture is SO SO SO SO cute!