Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dejunking and Candid Moments

I figured out why Ashley married me, because I shower her with children and money

Though not necessarily as much of either as she would like. Actually those are the proceeds of a craigslist sale of my studio monitors. For those who don't remember, I bought some professional speakers and a subwoofer for my digital piano so I could really rock out back when I was single and had nothing better to do with my time and money. It turns out, I don't fit in those categories any more. Who needs $1000 worth of speakers (weighing in at over 100 pounds) hanging around their tiny two bedroom apartment? People who don't have enough children to fill those bedrooms and their time. I'll just use regular spearkers for a while. Some day down the line maybe we'll revisit the piano speaker situation, but I'd rather put that money toward a house to keep it in.

I caught Ashley and Kendra sleeping the other day. It was so cute (it always is, it seems)

They were like this for a long time. The funny thing is that just as I started taking pictures Ashley yawned in her sleep. Awesome photo op. This was not a posed photo

Ahh life in the Farnsworth household. I just didn't know life could be so full of Kodak moments, you know? My little girls are always worth taking a picture of and remembering. That's why I do it so much.


Seth said...

I LOOOOVE when babies fall asleep while they are stretching. It is amazingly cute. I had the hardest time closing the separate tabs I opened for the last 2 pictures.

And actually, this post and the one after made me VERY glad that we are pregnant again cause I want another little baby to see sleeping while he/she stretches their little arms.

Kristina said...

No one can relax like a baby. SOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! Like Seth said, you are making us really really excited for our baby to come. Darn it, we still have to wait 6 whole months! It's a good thing we have adorable Simeon and your blog to tie us over until then. If this was our first baby I would be absolutely ravenous for some cuteness to snuggle :)