Saturday, June 29, 2013

"Take my picture!"

This blog provides plenty of evidence that Kendra is no stranger to a camera.  She has delighted us over and over again throughout her few years with the looks we're able to capture and record.  She has often been an all-too-willing subject for the camera but it has only been recently that she asks to have her picture taken.

Most often, these requests come in one of two scenarios.

Sometimes she asks to have her picture taken because we're already photographing one of her brothers and she just wants in on the action.

Other times, she would like you to document some object she has taken momentary possession of or finds interesting.

Like an "ugly" strawberry...

Or her very own frog (after hearing about her cousin Simeon's acquisition).

It turns out, we are pretty eager to oblige those requests.  We might have hundreds of pictures of this child, but I doubt we'll ever really have enough...


Danielle said...

And she's too cute NOT to be taking hundreds of pictures! And love the frog. Justin's been asking for a real gecko... yeah, we're gonna put that one off for as long as possible.

Belkycita said...

She is getting so big! I love looking at her pretty face :-)
Question, will we ever meet in person!?!