Wednesday, March 27, 2013

More visitors!

Right on the heels of Laura's trip to visit us, Grant's parents and youngest brother's family came to visit for Thanksgiving and blessing Paxton.

It's always fun when we get to see this face and the family that comes with it!

There is a Military Museum not far from us, so some of the troops went out to take a look.  (I have no idea what I was doing instead, but I have no memory of this event and was completely surprised when I saw the pictures.  Oops.)

They found a big ole tank!

I think that the museum itself wasn't open when they went over there, so they only toured the grounds.  We'll have to be sure to get a gander inside another time...

While they were there, Grant captured the perfect picture of Elliot.  This is how I will forever remember this stage of his life--a huge smile on his face going almost everywhere using the most adorable, bouncy little run I've ever seen.

He LOVES that hoodie, too, lemme tell ya.  Like, I have to hide it because if he sees it, he wants to wear it whether he needs it or not and if he wears it, it gets pretty dirty.

Unfortunately, Kendra had a stomach bug one of the days our visitors were in town, but there was still lots of playing with cousins!

And Paxton managed to wrap another little girl around his finger.  Alivia was just as enamored with him as Audrey had been a couple of weeks beforehand.

Grant's dad is always happy to take walks with the kids, and they always seem to have a lot of fun.  This trip, they also hit the playground by the office.

And all the pictures we have of Grant's mom are variations of the same thing:

Now that's what we call "quality time" around here.  :)

On their last evening with us, Kendra became quite the little performer for her grandparents...

Such a wonderful family for us to be thankful for!

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Danielle said...

Dude, if I had a lizard/dragon hoodie like E's, I'd be wearing it all the time too. Awesome! And yay for time with family. I'm gonna guess that you were getting some much-needed rest while they were out touring military museums. :)