Friday, March 1, 2013

A natural

I'm finally caught up enough with blogging to officially document some fun times we had at the end of last year.  We actually have quite a few pictures to sort through and post, but I wanted to devote a special post to this particular series.

Grant's sister Laura and her family came out to visit us in State College (we were so relieved they made it fine, they arrived the day after Sandy and we had been warned that the worst case scenario would have us without power for 7-10 days).  They have four girls, one of whom is just six weeks younger than Elliot, which means they're pretty accustomed to a person of his size.

So six-year-old Hayley didn't hesitate to interact with him just like she does with her own baby sister.

I really love these pictures--I kept the second one uncropped to give a bit of a scale for the viewer who doesn't know Hayley because Elliot is a HUGE percentage of her own mass!  But she had no problem hauling him around and as fate would have it, Elliot loooooves to be carried so they were just two peas in a pod.

There are lots more pictures to share, but these were just so sweet to me that I wanted to separate them out.  Such a sweetie!

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Laura said...

Yea!!!! We had so much fun with your family!! I'm so grateful Sandy didn't interfere with our fun. I was so jealous Lybi got to go out and visit you recently. Hope you guys had fun with her and Danielle. Looking forward to seeing you in a few months!!!!! Love you!!