Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The best readers

I really, really love the fact that Kendra is old enough to remember that she has grandparents and who they are, even though she only gets to see them a few times a year.  In fact, she talks about them every now and again and identifies them when she sees pictures.  She also asks to call them on the phone sometimes.

One thing she's learned is that grandparents also make fantastic readers.  Last summer just after Elliot was born Grandma Farnsworth spent plenty of time like this when they came to visit:

(I'm pretty embarrassed that I haven't shared this one sooner since it's over a year old--I'm blaming the newborn-baby fog.)

And she got a great dose of Poppa's excellent reading skills when he came to visit for Elliot's birthday a couple of months ago.

So while Mommy and Daddy are no rookies with reading books, it turns grandparents make the very best readers.

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