Thursday, August 23, 2012


I totally get that coming to the store with me must be kinda boring for Kendra.  So I try to compensate by letting her do a couple of things for her.  We often let her get a hot snack at the deli (it used to be cheese sticks but they stopped selling those so now to do popcorn chicken that she shares with Elliot) and if we happen to go through that part of the store, we let her do this:

Yep, we say "Hi" to the fish.  Every.  Single.  Time.  I used to get away with only passing through when we actually went through that part of the store, but now she asks almost every time we go to the store (which is what Wal-Mart is to her, "the store").  But it turns out that the fish are located right by the family restroom and it's just that point in pregnancy where I have to use the restroom every time we go, even if I used it right before we left the house like a good girl, so we almost always head in that direction anyway.

Elliot's starting to appreciate it these days, too, but this has always really been Kendra's thing.  :)

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