Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Videos are fun!

Elliot has a number of really endearing little things he does.  He's rapidly morphing out of being a baby and turning into a real live little person right before our eyes.  (Something for which he did not receive my sanction.)

After he started signing "milk" I got all lazy and didn't follow up with more signs to teach him.  I've halfheartedly shown him a few more from time to time (mostly the useful ones like "more" and "all done") but not consistently enough for him to pick them up.  However, he has gotten a couple of other hand signals and he'll totally wave "hello" or "goodbye"--he loves waving "goodbye" to the babysitter when I pick him up from the daycare room at the gym.

I love how he also cuddles Daddy in that one.  :)  He's our snuggly baby.

Speaking of Daddy, he's pretty fantastic at his job.  I let him have all the more...rough-housing-type fun (especially now that I'm 17 6 months pregnant).

"Daddy's fun."  I love that!

I mentioned on Facebook recently that Kendra is proving just how Geektastically we're raising our children.  I put Elliot in a shirt with C-3PO and R2-D2 on it and when she saw it, she insisted that R2 was, in fact, a Dalek.  And how does she know what a Dalek is, you might ask...?

She watches Dr. Who with us.  She loves it, in fact.  However, it does point out a grievous error in our parenting that she doesn't know who the droids from Star Wars are...I'm a little embarrassed about that, frankly.

Our kids are pretty fun.  One big difference between Kendra and Elliot is how much laughter we have been able to elicit from each of them.  Kendra was always a pleasant and happy baby, but she rarely really, really laughed.  Elliot does allllll the time, and it's so gratifying!

In fact, he laughs so much and so often that one day Kendra made a noise on accident but realized that it sounded just like him.

Funny girl.  And pretty clever, too.  Not that we're biased or anything...

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Jacqueline said...

What a happy family. I love the sound of children's laughter. But who told Elliot he was a child instead of a baby. Somebody slow that boy down.